Elevator Pitch Sequels

-Hi, my name is Joe. I recently quit my awful job as a $250,000-a-year human rights lawyer to move to Hollywood and do something meaningful with my life. But to make it big in this town you need IDEAS! Some of you aspiring to live your dream – like me – need helpful tips. Here’s one for you: You gotta be able to sell, sell, sell! your idea! Have a look at some of my #bestideas for awesome movies you’ll be seeing at the box office soon!!!

Groundhog Day 2: Groundhog in the City

How great was Groundhog Day? Wikipedia tells me it was so good that in 2006, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. And let me tell ya, if anyone knows movies, it’s those guys! So why not make ANOTHER?! Right?!

So here’s the pitch-a-rooney: We pick up where the last film left off. Bill Murray just said to Andy MacDowell that they should stay and live Punxsutawney. Andy is so smitten with Bill and the way that he’s condensed years of obsessively learning about her into a single day that she decides to stay with him. Unfortunately for Bill – it’s now time for Andy to have a Groundhog Day of her own. *pause for gasp from captivated film executive*

Andy begins to think about how she wanted to be a producer and journalist, or whatever it is that people with degrees in 19th century French poetry want to be – baristas I presume. She consequently decides that although having an enlightened man as her partner is great – she has no desire to stay in a bullshit small town with him. So she leaves Phil, goes to Hollywood and pitches Groundhog Day 2: Groundhog in the City to you. That’s right, I’m playing Rita bitchezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


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